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All my crafts are one of a kind and completely made by hand. I do not want to "manufacture"!

Earrings, pins and pendants are small, wearable collage assemblages sealed with thin layers of liquid plastic for durability. They are extremely light weight and comfortable to wear. $40.
Bookmarks are hand laminated mono prints embellished with collage and drawing. $12. Two for $20.
Christmas balls are collage over glass, sealed in plastic. $15. Two for $26.
The handmade cards seen here gone. I'll have printed cards available for the holidays.

Many items seen above have been sold, but I have more... please tell me your color choices.

Wearable one-of-a-kind art: no two the same
Wearable Collage Assemblage, $40
Acrylic, color pencil, ink and collage
Collage on Paper