Sherry Trachtman
I began my artistic path as a painter and printmaker, but my passion for the last decade has been 3D collage assemblage and sculpture.
I am not afraid to change direction, even radically, as long as whatever I am producing feels like a true expression of myself at the time I am making it.
I collect images, objects and textures that move me and suggest many types of exploration: tactile, conceptual, political, humorous, symbolic, and over all, visual. The materials themselves, supported by my strong background in color and design, inform my ideas.
I enjoy working in series to see how many ideas or stories I can develop with the same type of object.

I am proud to be a signature member of the National Collage Society, and to have shown in many national venues.
My work has been called:"unique, surprising, beautiful and disturbing." For me, it is challenging, fun and fulfilling to do.

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